Introduction to Inventive Problem Solving in Engineering EGN5040

Professor D. Raviv, Department of Electrical Engineering
Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL 33434 USA

1. Description Common problem solving methods will be briefly discussed, followed by an introduction to TRIZ (Russian acronyms for Systematic Inventive Thinking). Introduction to Intellectual Property: Patents, Copyright ©, Trademarks š, Trade Secret, Unfair Competition.

2. Objectives:

3. Topics:

In this course hands-on puzzles will be used for stimulating the students' minds.

4. Reference Books/Notes

5. Prerequisite: GPA 2.8 (minimum) 6. Class Time: TBA 7. Classroom: TBA 8. Instructor:
Dr. Daniel Raviv, Associate Professor
Electrical Engineering and Robotics Center
Office: Science and Engineering Bldg. Rm. 472
Telephone: 367-2773
Office Hours: TBA
9. Grades:
Participation: 60%
Homework and projects; 40%
No Final Exam