Announcing the Formation of the Altshuller Institiute for TRIZ Studies - A powerful resource for TRIZ, creativity & innovation.

Steve Rodman

Since 1995, Technical Innovation Center has been working with Genrich Altshuller-- developer of TRIZ -- to create a TRIZ study institute in the United States. Last year we reached a formal agreement providing for the establishment of a non-profit institute in his name.

This March, several TRIZ providers from across the U.S. met to lay the groundwork for the Institute. Now, we can all make this dream a reality. Interested parties can help establish the Institute and participate in forming its direction. Here is a brief list of possibilities:

If you would like more information, or would like to participate in the creation of the Altshuller Institute, please contact:

TECHNICAL INNOVATION CENTER 60 Prescott Street Worcester, MA 01605
Voice: 508-799-6700 Fax: 508-799-9944