TRIZ Puzzles and Examples: Part 1 Universal Socket Wrench

Jacob Skir

Key Words:

Disintegration, Dynamization, Contradiction Solution in Structure

Imagine a car mechanic tells you about his problem. He makes use of a wrench (more correctly they call such a tool: a socket wrench) for closing nuts. But his nuts are always different: on one occasion he needs to close a small nut (say, inch), on the other occasion he needs to close a bigger one (say, inch)…

Surely, he has a set of different wrenches for various nuts. But he wants something more convenient. He wants a socket wrench snapping every nut…

There is a wrench with moving (dynamic) "jaws": the jaws are able to become wider and narrower - yet it doesn’t snap every nut fully. Sometimes the nut is half-broken… The mechanic needs something more clever and still uncomplicated.

Help the mechanic. Invent for him a socket wrench snapping every nut (say, from inch to inch) in a full, convenient, reliable way.

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