Key Words: research problem inverting.

You know the principle of research problem solving: instead of solving the problem of "why" – you solve the problem of "how". Instead of "Why does this effect come?" – "How to make this effect?"

Once a patient applied to the doctor of one of the American clinics and complained on his face being blue. First, the doctor thought this blue color was the side effect after taking some drug. He checked this assumption and found it wrong. Then the doctor remembered such effect may appear when there is lack of oxygen in blood. He checked this assumption also and again found it wrong…

We don’t need special medical knowledge for solving this problem. We need the inverting principle only…

Finally it came out that our patient had got a present – a new blue handkerchief – a few days ago. (Magazine "Znaniye – sila". – Moscow, 1988. – #11. – P. 95.))

Jacob Skir