Press Release: TRIZ for Children Available in English

"TRIZ Home Page in Japan" has been updated:

"Course of Creative Imagination Development (CID) based on TRIZ: Methodical Guide-Books and Children Workbooks for the 1st to 3rd Grades" by Natalia V. Rubina (Petrozavodsk, Russia) 1998, 1999 [in Russian], English translation by Irina Dolina (Tokyo, Japan), Technical Editing by Toru Nakagawa (Osaka Gakuin Univ.)

English version of the whole set of six Guidebooks and six Workbooks will be published here step by step in the coming two to three years, starting on Jan. 30, 2001 with the publication of CID Course, 1st Grade, 1st Semester "Fairy Tales School" (Guidebook and Workbook) Preface, Introduction, Topics 1 & 2