MARCH 2002

  1. Breakthrough Thinking
    By: Larry Ball

  2. The Laws of System Evolution
    By: Vladimir Petrov

  3. TRIZ Research Programme at LRPS France
    By: R. De Guio

  4. The TRIZ-Methodology - an always ongoing innovative cycle
    By: Arthur Loebmann

  5. Use of Altshuller’s Matrix for Solving Slag Problems Related to Steering Knuckle (Part I of II) - TRIZ case study in the process industry
    By: Edgardo Cordova Lopez, Germain Lacoste, Jean-Marc Le Lann

  6. TRIZ Challenge - March 2002
    By: Ian Care

  7. Software Review: CreaTRIZ™ 2.2 and CreaTRIZ™ 2.2 for Business and Management
    By: Michael Slocum and Ellen Domb

  8. Letter to the Editor
    From: Pentti Söderlin