APRIL 2002

  1. Use of Altshuller’s Matrix for solving slag problems related to steering knuckle (second part)
    TRIZ case study in firm of Mexico

    By: Edgardo Cordova Lopez, Germain Lacoste, Jean-Marc Le Lann

  2. Letter to the Editor
    From: Dr. Noel Leon Rovira

  3. Evolving The World’s Systematic Creativity Methods
    By: Darrell Mann, Simon Dewulf

  4. The Theory Of Ideal Supersmart Learning: A Versatile Holistic Framework for Rapidly Simplifying, Learning, and Applying TRIZ & Other Problem-Solving Methodologies - Parts I
    By: Dr. Rodney K. King

  5. If TRIZ is such a good idea, why isn't everyone using it?
    By: Brian Campbell

  6. Comments on “If TRIZ is Such a Good Idea…”

  7. Retail TRIZ - Article 1 - TRIZ and Ice
    By: Alan Dolman and Graham Rawlinson