MAY 2002

  1. TRIZ Work Recognized-Samsung Award
    By: The Editors

  2. Analysis Paralysis: When Root Cause Analysis Isn't The Way
    By: Darrell Mann

  3. Comments on If TRIZ is so Good Why Isnít Everyone Using it?
    Emails from: Ilford Imaging TRIZ Group, Toru Nakagawa, Rick van Rein and Ellen Domb

  4. "Where is the Rabbit?" The New Model for Problem Solving and How to Use it
    By: Kalevi Rantanen

  5. TRIZ the Simple Way
    By: Pentti Soderlin

  6. Systematic Win-Win Problem Solving In A Business Environment
    By: Darrell Mann

  7. Everyday TRIZ - Filing with TRIZ
    By: Graham Rawlinson

  8. Software Review: TRISolver 2.1ô
    By Ellen Domb and Michael Slocum