JULY 2002

  1. Development of the Next Generation Portable Toilet Through New Product Development Approach Based on the Combined Effects of Three Methods: TRIZ, VE and Marketing ~ Consulting Case Of Company S ~
    By: Sawaguchi

  2. Case Studies in TRIZ: FBC(Fluidized Bed Combustion) Boiler’s tube erosion
    By: Lee, Lee, and OH

  3. TRIZ Introduction In Airlines Airport Management Division
    By: Takemura

  4. On-Line Training System "TRIZ-trainer"
    By: Shpakovsky, Lenyashin, Kim, and Novitskaya

  5. Creativity in Product Innovation Book Review
    By: Drs. Slocum, Domb, and Rawlinson

  6. Hands-on Systematic Innovation Book Review
    By: Drs. Domb and Slocum

  7. TRIZ Challenge
    By: Ian Care

  8. Sytematic Innovation Using TRIZ
    By: Don Masingale