1. Book Review: TechOptimizer™ Fundamentals
    By: Tom Kling, Kiho Sohn, Richard Platt, Michael S. Slocum

  2. A TRIZ-based Creativity Tool for Food Processing Equipment Design
    By: M. Totobesola-Barbier, C. Marouzé, F. Giroux

  3. Applying TRIZ to Software Problems - Creatively Bridging Academia and Practice in Computing
    By: Kevin C. Rea

  4. TRIZ Challenge - October 2002 - 'Save the World'
    By: José M. Vicente Gomila & Ian Care

  5. Design for Wow - An ‘Exciter’ Hypothesis
    By: Darrell Mann

  6. An Overview of Synoptics and the Six Challenges of Creativity
    By: Martin Hyatt

  7. Disruptive Advertising: TRIZ And The Advertisement
    By: Darrell Mann