1. Integrating TRIZ Into the Curriculum: An Educational Imperative
    By: Timothy Schweizer
    PDF version (61 KB)

  2. A Proposal to Integrate TRIZ Into the Product Design Process
    By: Dr. Noel León-Rovira
    PDF version (438 KB)

  3. Using TRIZ to Resolve Educational Delivery Conflicts Inherent to Expelled Students in Pennsylvania
    By: Dana Marsh, Faith Waters, Darrell Mann
    PDF version (62 KB)

  4. Altshuller Father of Innovation - the Contradiction of TRIZ
    By: Karen Gadd
    PDF version (17 KB)

  5. The New Locking Device for Ships and Ferries. A Story of How Good Ideas are Simple
    By: Kalevi Rantanen
    PDF version (12 KB)

  6. Book Review: Manufacturing Handbook of Best Practices
    By: Ellen Domb
    PDF version (17 KB)

  7. Book Review: Value Engineering: A Plan for Invention
    By: Joe Miller
    PDF version (12 KB)

  8. Letter to the Editor
    Critique on “The Simplified TRIZ”-book, and the Book Review
    From: Pentti Soderlin