Book Review: "Anatomy of a fiction plot (ANATOMIYA SYUGETA)"

Book Review: "Anatomy of a fiction plot (ANATOMIYA SYUGETA)"

by Dr. Semyon Savransky*


Book Review: Alexandr Moldaver. "Anatomy of a fiction plot (ANATOMIYA SYUGETA)."(in Russian) Jerusalem, Israel, 2002.

The results of almost 20 years of the author research in the basic problem of the modern theory of the fiction are reported. The author proposes a new approach to analysis of the fiction plot (subject), based on TRIZ methodology. The structure and philosophical essence of a plots subsystems are investigated on the basis of the analysis of the big volume of various fictions (mostly novels and fairy tales). The deep internal unity between the basic trends of technical evolution and fictions topics is shown in 17 circuits illustrated by numerous examples. It seems to the referee (SDS), that this relatively small tome (128 pages) is one of the most important contribution to the modern theory of the fiction after the Propps books.

Although, the book is written for the broad audience of readers it is intended for theorists of the literature and TRIZniks. The last category of the readers will find the book very useful for study various non-traditional artificial systems (i.e., not only technique but also companies, arts, elections, etc.).

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* Author of Engineering of Creativity (see the book review published by the TRIZ Journal at:

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