MARCH 2003

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  1. 40 Inventive Principles in Quality Management
    By: Gennady Retseptor
    PDF version (65 KB)

  2. Anticipating Failures with Substance-Field Inversion - A TRIZ Methods Case Study
    By: Thomas W. Ruhe
    PDF version (176 KB)

  3. IDEALITY AND ‘SELF-X’ - Part 2: Meals, Wheels, and Carpet Slippers - Technical Case Studies
    By: Darrell Mann
    PDF version (220 KB)

  4. Innovation Metrics: Embedding Innovation in an Organization's Systems
    Interview with Robert Tucker by Joyce Wycoff
    PDF version (11 KB)

  5. PROYECTO TRIZ in Nicaragua
    By Hugo Sanchez
    PDF version (9 KB)

  6. Thoughts on Substance-Field Models and 76 Standards - Do we need all of the Standards?
    By: Pentti Soderlin
    PDF version (32 KB)

  7. Titanic TRIZ: A Universal Case Study
    By: Ellen Domb, Ph.D.
    PDF version (69 KB)

  8. SUPPORT – Sustainable Innovation Tools Project
    By: University of Leoben
    PDF version (14 KB)