Welcome to the November 2008 Issue of The TRIZ Journal!

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  • By Katie Barry, Marco de Carvalho, Ellen Domb and Paul Filmore

    This month's unofficial theme is time – the past, present and future are all represented. A timeline of the development of TRIZ, TRIZ training in Japan and a look at the evolutionary potential of search engines are three topics to keep readers busy this month.


    There are several newsworthy items this month:

    TRIZ Journal Reminders

    Until December, happy TRIZ reading!

    About the Authors:

    Katie Barry is the editor of RealInnovation.com. Contact Katie Barry at editor (at) realinnovation.com or visit http://www.realinnovation.com.

    Marco de Carvalho is a lecturer, researcher and consultant in the areas of product development, project management and TRIZ/systematic innovation. He studied mechanical engineering, and has a master´s and Ph.D. in product development. His experience includes working for John Deere, Volvo, Electrolux and Bosch in the areas of industrial engineering, product development and quality assurance. Contact by visiting marco.a.de.carvalho@gmail.com.

    Ellen Domb is the founder and principal TRIZ consultant of the PQR Group. She is also the founding editor of The TRIZ Journal and a commentator for Real Innovation. Contact Ellen Domb at ellendomb (at) trizpqrgroup.com or visit http://www.trizpqrgroup.com.

    Dr. Paul Filmore has been teaching creativity, personal, professional, entrepreneurial and research skills for more than 10 years, at the University of Plymouth, UK. He introduces TRIZ to first-year engineering degree students and technology Masters (postgraduate) students. Dr. Filmore runs an innovation consultancy, The Insight Centre, where TRIZ and other systematic problem-solving skills predominate and have been augmented by research and practical understanding of how disruptive innovation thinking can help to further break mindsets. Contact Paul Filmore at pfilmore (at) plymouth.ac.uk.

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