Notes From Other Publications

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Notes From Other Publications

By Ellen Domb

Larry Smith, President of the Altshuller Institute, has an excellent article this month in the Six Sigma Forum, published by the American Society for Quality. He has an elegant graphical presentation of the entire design process, and shows the relationships between TRIZ and many other design tools. The paper is available at

Toru Nakagawa has updated his TRIZ Web Site in Japan. There is more news in English from the European TRIZ Association meeting, and a new piece of the TRIZ course for children (third grade, first semester) "Planet of Unsolved Mysteries" by Natalia V. Rubina (Petrozavodsk), English translation by Irina Dolina, technical editing by Toru Nakagawa. It covers basic TRIZ concepts (including contradictions, ideality, and resources) are applied to various episode problems by use of a simple scheme of problem solving.


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