1. The Integration And Use Of Myers Briggs Profiles With A TRIZ Problem Solving Session
    By: Jack Hipple

  2. Combining The Scenario Technique With QFD And TRIZ To A Product Innovation Methodology
    By: Elke Baessler, Thomas Breuer, Markus Grawatsch

  3. System Operator Tutorial - 4) Integrating Other Perspectives
    By: Darrell Mann

  4. System Operator and the Methodology of Prediction
    By: Avraam Seredinski

  5. TRIZ For Everyone (Even Those Who Donít Want To Spend A Year Learning It)
    By: Darrell Mann

  6. Structural Scheme For Solving a Problem Using TRIZ - Samsung Advanced Institute of Techology
    By: N. Shpakovsky, V. Lenjashin, Hyo June Kim

  7. Notes From Other Publications
    By: Ellen Domb

  8. The TRIZ Challenge: Applying TRIZ in Nicaragua (Letter to the Editor)
    From: Hugo Sanchez

  9. Letter to the Editor
    From: Semyon Savransky