1. The Importance of Time Dependence in Functional Modeling
    By: Joe Miller and Ellen Domb
    PDF version (435 KB)

  2. Some Personal Thoughts on Contradictions
    By: Brian Campbell
    PDF version (16 KB)

  3. Radical Innovation and Design Research
    By: Kari T. Eloranta, Asko Riitahuhta and Mikko Karvinen
    PDF version only (31 KB)

  4. Converging in Problem Formulation : A Different Path in Design
    By: Denis Cavallucci and Philippe Lutz
    PDF version only (191 KB)

  5. TRIZ and Design
    By: Graham Rawlinson

  6. Evolving TRIZ Using TRIZ and NLP/Neurosemantics
    By: Denis Bridoux and Darrell Mann
    PDF version only (457 KB)