1. Complexity Increases And Then… (Thoughts From Natural System Evolution)
    By: Darrell Mann

  2. Solution Dynamics as a Function of Resolution Method (Physical Contradiction v. Technical Contradiction)
    By: Michael S. Slocum, Ellen Domb, Catherine Lundberg

  3. Anticipating Failures with Substance-Field Inversion
    By: Thomas W. Ruhe

  4. Book Review: "Anatomy of a fiction plot (ANATOMIYA SYUGETA)"
    By: Semyon Savransky

  5. Using TRIZ to Create an Internet Address for the “GENERATOR” Website
    By: Nikolay Shpakovsky and Elena Novitskaja

  6. Reorganizing TRIZ Solution Generation Methods into Simple Five in USIT (article + appendix)
    By: Toru Nakagawa