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Article Archive - 1997

Article Archive - 1998

Article Archive - 1999

Article Archive - 2000

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The TRIZ Journal Article Archive - 1996 [table of contents]

November 1996



December 1996

3) Case Study: Licensing

4) TRIZ at Disneyworld: Report on the TRIZ papers at the 12th Annual GOAL/QPC conference.


The TRIZ Journal Article Archive - 1997 [table of contents]

January 1997

1) Generating Electricity for Families in Northern Sweden


February 1997

3) The Ideal Final Result: Tutorial


5) "Technosocial Competition"

March 1997

6) March 1997 Special Issue: TRIZ in Universities


8) Florida Atlantic University: Introduction to Inventive Problem Solving in Engineering EGN5040

9) TRIZ in Nature - Lichen as a Bisystem

April 1997

10) How to Help TRIZ Beginners Succeed


12) April 1997

May 1997

13) Tools from the Theory of Constraints

June 1997

14) Finding the Zones of Conflict: Tutorial

15) New TRIZ Books in English

July 1997

16) Contradictions: Air Bag Applications

17) 40 Inventive Principles With Examples


August 1997

19) Altshuller's Greatest Discovery - And Beyond

20) A few words about the Altshuller's contradiction matrix


September 1997

22) Polysystem Approach to TRIZ

October 1997

23) How to Bring TRIZ into Your Organization

November 1997

24) Brain, Computer and the Ideal Final Result

25) THE TRIZ APPROACH - Case Study: Creative Solutions to a Human Relations (HR) Problem

26) TRIZ and Next Generation Drug Delivery Systems

December 1997

27) TRIZ Case Studies: Report on the Total Product Development Symposium

28) Robust Development and Design for a Nuclear Reactor Terminal Gland for Use on the Centurion Class Submarines Using Invention Machine Corporations’ TechOptimizer

29) Virtual Manufacturing and Knowledge-Based Design: Society of Automotive Engineers Topical Technical Conference

30) Levels of Solutions

31) Windshield/Backlight Molding



The TRIZ Journal Article Archive - 1998 [table of contents]

January 1998

1) Windshield/Backlight Molding

2) The QFD, TRIZ and Taguchi Connection: Customer-Driven Robust Innovation

3) Input-Output Trimming Operator (I-O-T)

4) Efficient Use of the System Operator

5) Efficient Use of the DTC Operator


7) Conference Report: "Bringing the Fuzzy Front End into Focus"

February 1998


9) Creativity Breakthroughs With Children Using Higher Level Thinking

10) Introduction to Inventive Problem Solving in Engineering EGN5040

11) Creativity in a Russian Elementary School (An Interview with Tatiana Vassilevna Zakharov and Her Director)

12) How to Teach Physical Effects in Game Manner

13) Developing games for kids of 3-4 years old

March 1998

14) Classifying the Technical Effects

15) The Research (Diagnostic) Problems’ Classification.

16) Lateral thinking and The Problem Formulator

17) Beyond TRIZ Limits


19) ADVANCED TRIZ DEVELOPMENTS At the Leonardo da Vinci Institute (division of RLI, Inc.)

April 1998

20) "Diversionary" Method.

21) Functional Blocks

22) ARIZ : The Algorithm for Inventive Problem Solving

23) Using Analogies to Develop Breakthrough Concepts

24) Book Review: 40 Principles: TRIZ Keys to Technical Innovation

May 1998

25) Reversability of the 40 Principles of Problem Solving

26) Usage of the direct and preliminary extra-effect determination methods for diagnostic problem solving.

27) More about Analogies

28) Announcing the Formation of the Altshuller Institiute for TRIZ Studies - A powerful resource for TRIZ, creativity & innovation.

29) Human Functions, Languages and Creativity

30) Where Does TRIZ Go From Here?

June 1998

31) TRIADS: THEIR RELATIONSHIP TO TRIZ - Elaboration on the Use of Triads and TRIZ to Solve Impossible Problems and Create Next-Generation, Breakthrough Designs

32) Dialog on TRIZ and Quality Function Deployment


34) Using the Ideal Final Result to Define the Problem to Be Solved

July 1998

35) Optimizing Atomic Oxygen Resistance on Coated Substrates Using TechOptimizer®

36) Altshuller Institute Formed

37) Selecting the Best Direction to Create the Ideal Product Design

38) A new Model of the Conceptual Design Process using QFD/FA/TRIZ

39) JULY 1998

August 1998

40) NLP+TRIZ=Accelerated Creativity for Product Designers




44) Psychological Inertia: Two kinds in one story

September 1998

45) TRIZ Puzzles and Examples: Part 1: The Tiny Car

46) Eleven Uses of Effects

47) QFD, TRIZ, and Entrepreneurial Intuition The DelCor Interactives International Case Study

48) Selecting the Best Direction to Create the Ideal Product Design

October 1998

49) (TRIZ)OE = Improving TRIZ Results by Dynamically Matching Tools to Teams

50) Creative Imagination Development

51) The Creative Person Development Theory: A review article

52) Integrating TRIZ-Based Methods into the Engineering Curriculum

53) TRIZ Puzzles and Examples: Part 2 Reader's Solutions The Tiny Car

54) TRIZ Puzzles and Examples: Part 1 Universal Socket Wrench

55) In Memory of Genrich Altshuller, Part 1

November 1998

56) Case Study: TRIZ Solves a Hard Drive Reliability Problem

57) Case Studies In TRIZ: Halving The Number Of Bolts Around A Flange Joint

58) Theory of Inventive Problem Solving Pedagogy in Engineering Education,
Part I

59) The 39 Features of Altshuller’s Contradiction Matrix

60) An Interview with Boris Zlotin: TRIZ Scientist

61) TRIZ Puzzles and Examples: Part 1 - Plane Wing Walking

62) In Memory of Genrich Altshuller, Part 2

December 1998

63) Technology Maturity Using S-curve Descriptors

64) Case Studies in TRIZ: A Comfortable Bicycle Seat

65) Organic TRIZ on the Farm

66) Report from the International TRIZ Conference, Nov. 17-19, 1998


68) TRIZ: Infinite in All Directions

69) Increase Creativity to Improve Quality


The TRIZ Journal Article Archive - 1999 [table of contents]

January 1999

1) Invention and Development of the "Synergistic" Motion System

2) Problem-Solving and Other Antidotes for Psychological Inertia

3) Guided Technology Evolution (TRIZ Technology Forecasting)

4) TRIZ Solves A Reliability Problem Concerning A Space Shuttle Class Main Engine

5) Application of TRIZ and Taguchi Methods: Two Case Examples

6) Puzzle Solutions

February 1999

7) Case Studies in TRIZ: Helicopter Engine Particle Separator

8) TRIZ And Taguchi Methods At A World-Class Winery & Vineyard

9) Application of TRIZ for the search of new materials features

10) TRIZ: Infinite in All Directions

11) Book Review: Unified Structured Inventive Thinking: How to Invent

March 1999

12) Book Review: Solving Problems with TRIZ: An Exercise Handbook

13) Problem-Solving Systems: What’s Next after TRIZ?

14) Accurately And Rapidly Predicting Next-Generation Product Breakthroughs In The Medical-Devices, Disposable Shaving Systems, And Cosmetic Industries

15) Four Views on TRIZ

16) ARIZ on the Move

17) European TRIZ Conference Report

April 1999

18) Case Studies In TRIZ: A Re-Usable, Self-Locking Nut

19) Managing Innovation Knowledge - The Ideation Approach to the Search, Development, and Utilization of Innovation Knowledge

20) Technology Maturity Using S-curve Descriptors

21) Dilemma Of A Radical Innovation - A New View on the Law of Transition to a Micro-Level

22) Book Review: Altshuller’s The Innovation Algorithm

23) Book Review: The Innovator’s Dilemma

24) Book Review: Tools of Classical TRIZ

May 1999

25) Attachment 1

26) Attachment 2

27) The Dilemma of Improving Quality In New Product Development

28) Breakthrough Innovation In Conflict Resolution: Marrying TRIZ and the Thinking Process

29) Book Review: TRIZ: The Right Solution at the Right Time

30) Product Differentiation Strategies Incorporating TRIZ Methodology

31) The Seventy-Six Standard Solutions: How They Relate to the 40 Principles of Inventive Problem Solving

32) An Integrated Operational Knowledge Base (System of Operators) and the Innovation Workbench System Software

June 1999

33) Axiomatic Design And TRIZ: Compatibilities and Contradictions

34) Gold Recovering and Biological Effect

35) Use of TRIZ in the Development Process - Zero-Defect-Development for Customer Centered Innovative Products

36) Smart Garment For Firefighters

July 1999

37) The Determination of the Technological Maturity of Ultrasonic Welding

38) Book Review: TRIZ in Progress

39) Solving Problems With Method of the Ideal Result

40) Using TRIZ as a Creative Process for Breaking Mindpatterns

41) Overview of Creative Methods

42) Axiomatic Design And TRIZ: Compatibilities and Contradictions Part II

43) Using S-Curves and Trends of Evolution in R&D Strategy Planning

August 1999

44) The Use of TRIZ Separation Principles to Resolve the Contradictions of Innovation Practices in Organizations

45) Case Studies In TRIZ: A Quickly and Reliably Method for Opening Envelopes

46) Analysis of a Problem: Clogging of a Multi-Drum Filter Used in a Textile Application

47) Using TRIZ in Computer Science - Concurrency

48) Increasing Speed of Yarn Spinning

September 1999

49) 40 Inventive (Business) Principles With Examples

50) The (Predictable) Evolution Of Useful Things

51) Maturity Mapping of DVD Technology

52) Tool, Object, Product (TOP) Function Analysis

53) TOC Trees Help TRIZ

October 1999

54) The Anticipatory Failure Determination Fact Sheet

55) Development of Conceptual Design for Brake Shoes of a Bicycle by Using TRIZ

56) Case Studies In TRIZ: Child Safety Stairgate

57) Solving the Problems of Particle Filled Fibers TRIZ Methodology

58) TRIZ Within the Context of The Kano Model or Adding the Third Dimension to Quality

59) Report of A Personal Trip to TRIZ Mother Countries (Russia & Belarus, Aug. 1999)

60) TRIZ and Pedagogy

November 1999

61) TRIZ and Politics

62) Lesson 4 Contradictions

63) Creativity As An Exact (Biomimetic) Science

64) Book Review: When Sparks Fly: Igniting Creativity in Groups

65) Overview of Metaphoric Models for Creativity

66) Case Study: Application Of Ideation/TRIZ To A Technological Problem With Rapid Prototyping Equipment

67) b-cyclodextrin Molecules and Their Use in Breathable Barriers

December 1999

68) Business Contradictions - 1) "Mass Customization"

69) Case Studies In TRIZ: A Novel Heat Exchanger (Use of Function Analysis Modelling to Find and Eliminate Contradictions)

70) Design and analysis of a method for monitoring felled seat seam characteristics utilizing TRIZ Methods


The TRIZ Journal Article Archive - 2000 [table of contents]

January 2000

1) Contradiction Chains

2) Ontro Wins Innovation Award

3) Remembering Lev Shulyak

4) Addressing Salt Issues in Textile Dyeing Using an ISQ and ARIZ

5) Strategic TRIZ and Tactical TRIZ: Using the Technology Evolution Tools

6) Automatic Boarding Machine Design Employing Quality Function Deployment, Theory of Inventive Problem Solving, and Solid Modeling

February 2000

7) Trimming Evolution Patterns For Complex Systems

8) Book Review: "New Tools for Failure and Risk Analysis"

9) [PDF] Teaching Inventive Thinking*

10) Teaching Inventive Thinking

11) [PDF] Su-Field Analysis 

12) Su-Field Analysis

13) Art: Inspiration or mathematical calculation?

14) [PDF] The Seventy-six Standard Solutions, with Examples 

15) The Seventy six Standard Solutions, with Examples Section One

16) FEBRUARY 2000

March 2000

17) Strength versus Weight Contradictions In Bridge Design

18) Using TRIZ for an Engineering Design Methodology Course at NCTU in Taiwan

19) Case Studies in TRIZ: An Integrated Steering Shaft Lock for Motorcycles

20) The Seventy-six Standard Solutions, with Examples—Class 2

21) Ski - A Perfect Physical Contradiction Example for TRIZ

22) MARCH 2000

April 2000

23) I Wish The Work To Be Completed By Itself, Without My Involvement: The Method Of The Ideal Result In Engineering Problem Solving.

24) Physical Contradictions and Evaporating Clouds

25) Examples Of The Election Stratagems In Israel

26) Situation analysis - a must first step in a problem solving process

27) TRIZ Electing a President

May 2000

28) Science Reviewed

29) The Seventy-six Standard Solutions, with Examples-Class 3

30) Management Response to Inventive Thinking - (TRIZ) In a Public Transportation Agency

31) Design Without Compromise, Design for Life

June 2000

32) The Collaborative Innovation (CI) Process

33) TRIZCON2000: Conference Report

34) The experience of the Anticipatory Failure Determination (AFD) method applied to an Engine Concern

35) How TRIZ demonstrates again that research by trial and error can be very costly.

36) The Seventy-six Standard Solutions, with Examples Class 4

July 2000

37) Case Studies in TRIZ: A Better Wrench

38) The Seventy-six Standard Solutions, with Examples - Class 5

39) A Comparison of the Global-8D-Process and TRIZ

40) Application of TRIZ to Technology Forecasting - Case Study: Yarn Spinning Technology

41) [PDF] Abstract 

42) Effective Approaches to Solving Technical Problems by Combining TRIZ with VE

August 2000

43) Application of Triz Tools in a Non-Technical Problem Context

44) Examples of the Election Stratagems in Israel

45) Edge Suck Off - Towards the Ideal System

46) A Comparison of TRIZ and Axiomatic Design

47) Review: TRIZ Explorer Software

48) Approaches to Application of TRIZ in Japan

September 2000

49) TRIZ in Biology Teaching

50) Investigating the use of TRIZ in Eco-innovation

51) Compatiability Analysis and Case Studies of Axiomatic Design and TRIZ

52) 100+ Heuristics for Systems Transformations: A brief report of US Patent  Fund Study

53) Case Studies in TRIZ: A Novel Jet Engine Nose Cone

54) [PDF] Containment ring problem 

55) Containment Ring Problem

October 2000

56) Getting TRIZ Accepted in a Very Busy World

57) On the History of Separation Principles

58) [PDF] Proceedings of ICAD2000 

59) Intuitive Design Method (IDM), A New Approach on Design Methods Integration

60) [PDF] Containment ring problem (Impeller burst) 

61) Containment ring problem (Impeller burst) IWB Case study

62) [PDF] Enhancing Robust Design with the Aid of TRIZ and Axiomatic Design  

63) Enhancing Robust Design with the Aid of TRIZ and Axiomatic Design (Part I)

64) [PDF] The Conceptual Design Of A Fast Clasping Mechanism 

65) The Conceptual Design Of A Fast Clasping Mechanism Based On Function Means Tree And TRIZ

66) [PDF]  
The “Sabotage Model” or how to find the cause to difficult and 
mysterious problems:  The case of Recovery Boiler compound tube 

67) The "Sabotage Model" or how to find the cause to difficult and mysterious problems: The case of Recovery Boiler compound tube corrosion.

68) [PDF] TRIZ Journal 


November 2000

70) Organization Change and Service Redesign

71) The Altshuller’s Contradiction Matrix in the Knowledge Creation of Innovation

72) Influence of S-Curves on Use of Inventive Principles

73) Enhancing Robust Design with the Aid of TRIZ and Axiomatic Design (Part II)

December 2000

74) A Personal View on Savranskys Book

75) Book Review: Engineering of Creativity: Introduction to TRIZ Methodology of Inventive Problem Solving

76) Self-Sustaining Innovation: How To Keep Innovation Alive After The Consultant Leaves

77) Creativity, the TAO and TRIZ

78) Making Knowledge Tangible

79) Theory of Inventive Problem Solving Pedagogy in Engineering Education, Part II


The TRIZ Journal Article Archive - 2001 [table of contents]

January 2001

1) ETRIA - European TRIZ Association

2) A New TRIZ Practitioner's Experience for Solving an Industrial Problem using ARIZ 85C: Increasing a Textile Kiss-Coat Operation Speed

3) Using MINDMAPS™ * with TRIZ

4) Relation of the invention process to TRIZ (Example: High efficiency DC-DC converter for liquid crystal watches)

5) Conference Report: Developing Systematic Innovation in the Food Industry

6) TRIZ Beyond Technology: The theory and practice of applying TRIZ to non-technical areas

February 2001

7) Analysis of the Evolution of Training Tools and Systems Using the TRIZ Methodology

8) First Japan IM (Invention Machine) User Group Conference Report

9) System approach to Win-Win resolution of conflicts

10) Everyday TRIZ - (decorating with TRIZ)

11) The effective use of TRIZ with Brainstorming

12) Press Release: TRIZ for Children Available in English

13) Containment ring problem - Part 3

March 2001

14) Glossary of TRIZ

15) TRIZ Thinking Hats

16) The Use of the Kai Assessment Tool to Enhance TRIZ Sessions

17) Computer Semantic Search of Inventive Solutions

18) The TRIZ Challenges

April 2001

19) Staircase Design of High-rise Buildings Preparing against Fire

20) The TRIZ Challenges

21) TRIZ and Software

22) Using TRIZ to Overcome Business Contradictions: Profitable E-Commerce

23) Using the 76 Standard Solutions: A case study for improving the world food supply

May 2001

24) TRIZ for Perl-Programming

25) Conflict Resolution Using TRIZ and Design of Experiment (DOE)

26) Book Review: "Directed Evolution: Philosophy, Theory and Practice."

27) Laws of System Completeness

28) Food Product Development and the 40 Inventive Principles

29) Study of Effective New Product Development Activities through Combination of Patterns of Evolution of Technological Systems and VE

30) TRIZ Challenge - May 2001

June 2001

31) 40 Inventive Principles with Social Examples

32) Enlarging TRIZ and Teaching Enlarged TRIZ for the Large Public (Part 1 of 4)

33) The Space Between ‘Generic’ and ‘Specific’ Problem Solutions

34) Essence of TRIZ in 50 Words

35) QFD by TRIZ

36) TRIZ For Children: Press Release

37) TRIZ Challenge - June 2001

July 2001

38) Comparison of Polovinkin’s Heuristics with Altshuller’s Principles

39) 40 Inventive (Architecture) Principles With Examples

40) Review: ASIT On-Line Training

41) TRIZ Challenge - July 2001

42) Enlarging TRIZ and Teaching Enlarged TRIZ for the Large Public - (Part 2 of 4)

43) Case Studies In TRIZ: Anti Red-Eye Flash Photography

44) A proposal to integrate TRIZ and CAD (Computer Aided TRIZ-based Design)

August 2001

45) The Role of TRIZ in Technology Development

46) Any Colour You Like As Long As It’s The One You Want: TRIZ and Customisable Foods

47) From TRIZ to ASIT in 4 Steps

48) From TRIZ to ASIT in 4 Steps

49) My Experiences With My Teacher Genrikh Saulovich Altshuller (Part 3 of 4)

50) TRIZ and Inventing an Anti-Gravity Machine!

51) Humanitarian De-mining and TRIZ (A Response to the March TRIZ Challenge)

52) TRIZ Challenge - August 2001

September 2001

53) ENLARGING TRIZ AND TEACHING ENLARGED TRIZ FOR THE LARGE PUBLIC - My Experiences With My Teacher Genrikh Saulovich Altshuller (Part 4 of 4)

54) ASIT’s Five Thinking Tools With Examples

55) System Operator Tutorial - 1) 9-Windows On The World

56) " 5W's and an H " of TRIZ Innovation

57) TRIZ and Software - 40 Principle Analogies, Part 1

58) A TRIZ Inventive Design Method without Contradiction Information


October 2001

60) Developing Systematic Innovation Tools for the Food Industry

61) 40 Inventive (Food) Principles With Examples

62) Self-Heating Container Developments Predicated on the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving

63) Applying some TRIZ concepts to the problem of harvesting and selection of potatoes

64) TRIZ in the Kitchen

65) Integrating Knowledge From Biology Into The TRIZ Framework

November 2001

66) Results from Introducing TRIZ tools to a Company

67) System Operator Tutorial - 2) Between The Boxes - Changing Perspectives

68) Taguchi and TRIZ: Comparisons and Opportunities

69) TRIZ Challenge - August 2001

70) TRIZ and Software - 40 Principle Analogies, Part 2

71) Using ASIT to develop new products

December 2001

72) Ideal System, Or Why the Question What? May Be More Important Than the Question How?

73) System Operator Tutorial - 3) Another Dimension

74) TRIZ-based Innovation Principles and a Process for Problem Solving in Business and Management

75) ASIT Compared to Scamper for Devising New Products

76) Global TRIZ: New Developments around the World

77) Case study: The application of TRIZ to economy class aircraft cabin design


The TRIZ Journal Article Archive - 2002 [table of contents]

January 2002

1) The Integration And Use Of Myers Briggs Profiles With A TRIZ Problem Solving Session

2) Combining The Scenario Technique With QFD And TRIZ To A Product Innovation Methodology

3) System Operator Tutorial - 4) Integrating Other Perspectives

4) System Operator and the Methodology of Prediction

5) TRIZ For Everyone (Even Those Who Don’t Want To Spend A Year Learning It)


7) Structural Scheme For Solving a Problem Using TRIZ

8) Notes From Other Publications

9) The TRIZ Challenge: Applying TRIZ in Nicaragua

10) Letter to the Editor

11) JANUARY 2002

12) [PDF] archives/2002/02/a/01_fig1.pdf

February 2002

13) Integrating Innovation into Design for Six Sigma

14) Klondike versus Homing Solution Searches

15) TRIZ in the process industry

16) The Psychology of TRIZ - Understanding TRIZ tools in relation to what we know about how our brain works

17) Assessing The Accuracy Of The Contradiction Matrix For Recent Mechanical Inventions

18) 2002 Feb - Letter to the Editor

19) FEBRUARY 2002

20) [PDF] Determine Customer

21) [PDF] Determine Customer

22) [PDF] Users Manual 

March 2002

23) Breakthrough Thinking

24) Users Manual for Breakthrough Thinking

25) The Laws of System Evolution

26) TRIZ Research Programme at LRPS France

27) The TRIZ-Methodology - an always ongoing innovative cycle

28) Use of Altshuller’s Matrix for Solving Slag Problems Related to Steering Knuckle (Part I of II)

29) TRIZ Challenge - March 2002

30) Software Review: CreaTRIZ™ 2.2 and CreaTRIZ™ 2.2 for Business and Management

31) March 2002 Letter to the Editor

32) MARCH 2002

33) [PDF] archives/2002/04/a/01.pdf

April 2002

34) Use of Altshuller’s Matrix for solving slag problems related to steering knuckle (second part)

35) April 2002 Letter to the Editor

36) [PDF] Evolving The World’s Systematic Creativity Methods 

37) Evolving The World�s Systematic Creativity Methods



40) The Theory Of Ideal Supersmart Learning: A Versatile Holistic Framework for Rapidly Simplifying, Learning, and Applying TRIZ & Other Problem-Solving Methodologies - Part I

41) The Theory Of Ideal Supersmart Learning: A Versatile Holistic Framework for Rapidly Simplifying, Learning, and Applying TRIZ & Other Problem-Solving Methodologies - Parts II & III

42) If TRIZ is such a good idea, why isn't everyone using it?

43) Comments on �If TRIZ is Such a Good Idea��

44) Retail TRIZ - Article 1 - TRIZ and Ice

45) APRIL 2002

May 2002

46) TRIZ Work Recognized-Samsung Award

47) Analysis Paralysis: When Root Cause Analysis Isn�t The Way

48) If TRIZ is so Good Why Isn�t Everyone Using it?

49) "Where is the Rabbit?" The New Model for Problem Solving and How to Use it

50) TRIZ the Simple Way

51) Systematic Win-Win Problem Solving In A Business Environment

52) Everyday TRIZ - Filing with TRIZ

53) Software Review: TRISolver 2.1�

54) MAY 2002

June 2002

55) More comments on “If TRIZ is so good…”

56) Voice of Customers Pushed By Directed Evolution

57) Comparing Results of Functional Modeling Methods for Agricultural Process and Implement Development Problems

58) Laws of Dialectics in Technology Evolution

59) Space Mirror

60) Evolutionary-Potential� in Technical and Business Systems

61) Book Review: Simplified TRIZ: New Problem-Solving Applications for Engineers & Manufacturing Professionals

62) JUNE 2002

July 2002

63) Development of the Next Generation Portable Toilet Through New Product Development Approach Based on the Combined Effects of Three Methods: TRIZ, VE and Marketing ~ Consulting Case Of Company S ~

64) Case Studies In TRIZ : FBC(Fluidized Bed Combustion) Boiler�s tube erosion

65) TRIZ Introduction In Airlines Airport Management Division

66) On-Line Training System �TRIZ-trainer�

67) Book Review: �Creativity in Product Innovation�

68) Book Review: �Hands-on Systematic Innovation�

69) TRIZ Challenge - July 2002

70) "Systematic Innovation Using TRIZ"

71) JULY 2002

August 2002

72) Methods of Teaching TRIZ Principles Through an Example

73) 40 Inventive Principles in Microelectronics

74) Contradiction and Analogy as the Basis for Inventive Thinking

75) Evolving the Inventive Principles

76) Product Review: TRIZ Digital Assistant

77) Why Study Tradeoffs? Creativity, Business, Science and Expertise

78) AUGUST 2002

September 2002

79) Measurement and Detection Standards from the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving

80) TRIZ and the Deconstruction of the Major World Philosophies

81) TRIZ Challenge - September 2002

82) Application of Ideality and Science to Underwater Rescue

83) Applying TRIZ and the Theory of Ideal SuperSmart Learning to Computing Systems: Ultimate Ideal Autonomous Objects, Strategic Problem Solving, and Product Innovation

84) Book Review: Natural Innovation: Examples of Creative Problem Solving in Biology, Ecology, and TRIZ

85) SEPTEMBER 2002

October 2002

86) Book Review: TechOptimizer™ Fundamentals

87) A TRIZ-based Creativity Tool for Food Processing Equipment Design

88) Applying TRIZ to Software Problems - Creatively Bridging Academia and Practice in Computing

89) TRIZ Challenge - October 2002 - 'Save the World'

90) Design for Wow - An �Exciter� Hypothesis

91) An Overview of Synoptics and the Six Challenges of Creativity

92) Disruptive Advertising: TRIZ And The Advertisement

93) OCTOBER 2002

94) [PDF] Originally published by the Altshuller Institute for TRIZ Studies in the 

November 2002

95) Integrating TRIZ Into the Curriculum: An Educational Imperative


97) A Proposal to Integrate TRIZ Into the Product Design Process

98) [PDF] archives/2002/11/c/03.pdf

99) Using TRIZ to Resolve Educational Delivery Conflicts Inherent to Expelled Students in Pennsylvania

100) [PDF] Altshuller Father of Innovation - the Contradiction of TRIZ 

101) Altshuller Father of Innovation - the Contradiction of TRIZ

102) [PDF] The New Locking Device  for Ships and Ferries. A 

103) The New Locking Device for Ships and Ferries. A Story of How Good Ideas are Simple

104) [PDF] archives/2002/11/f/06.pdf

105) Book Review: Manufacturing Handbook of Best Practices

106) [PDF] Value Engineering:  A Plan for Invention 

107) Book Review: Value Engineering: A Plan for Invention

108) NOVEMBER 2002

109) [PDF] The Importance Of Time Dependence In 

December 2002

110) The Importance of Time Dependence in Functional Modeling

111) [PDF] Some personal thoughts on contradictions 

112) Some Personal Thoughts on Contradictions


114) Radical Innovation and Design Research



117) TRIZ and Design

118) [PDF] First published by the Altshuller Institute for TRIZ Studies in the  

119) Evolving TRIZ Using TRIZ and NLP/Neurosemantics

120) DECEMBER 2002


The TRIZ Journal Article Archive - 2003 [table of contents]

January 2003

1) Complexity Increases And Then… (Thoughts From Natural System Evolution)

2) Solution Dynamics as a Function of Resolution Method (Physical Contradiction v. Technical Contradiction)

3) Anticipating Failures with Substance-Field Inversion

4) Book Review: "Anatomy of a fiction plot (ANATOMIYA SYUGETA)"

5) Using TRIZ to Create an Internet Address for the �GENERATOR� Website

6) USIT Solution Generation Methods (appendix)

7) Reorganizing TRIZ Solution Generation Methods into Simple Five in USIT (article)

8) JANUARY 2003

9) [PDF] Brainstorming and TRIZ 

10) [PDF] Christmas TRIZ 

11) [PDF] archives/2003/02/c/03.pdf

12) [PDF] Let's Make the Firework of Innovations 

13) [PDF] Evolving the Corkscrew: A TRIZ-based Hypothesis 

14) [PDF] Book Review

15) [PDF] archives/2003/02/g/07.pdf

16) [PDF] 40 Inventive Principles in Quality Management 

17) [PDF] Anticipating Failures with Substance-Field Inversion 


19) [PDF] archives/2003/03/d/04.pdf

20) [PDF] PROYECTO TRIZ in Nicaragua 

21) [PDF] Thoughts on Substance-Field Models and 76 Standards 

22) [PDF] Titanic, the

23) [PDF] SUPPORT â€“ Sustainable Innovation Tools Project 

March 2003

24) MARCH 2003

25) [PDF] TRIZ for Non-Technical Problem Solving 

Part 1 - On Facilitating the Rapid Diffusion of TRIZ 

Part 2 â€“ Using the TRIZ-Fractal Model For Functional Modelling and 
Visual Ideas Management 

28) [PDF] archives/2003/04/d/04.pdf

29) [PDF] Introduction to ASIT 



32) [PDF] archives/2003/05/a/01.pdf

33) [PDF] archives/2003/05/b/02.pdf

34) [PDF] archives/2003/05/c/03.pdf

35) [PDF] A Coffee Room Application of  Video Technology.  

36) [PDF] Adaptive evolution in biology and technology:  

37) [PDF] Thoughts on Value and Ideality 

38) [PDF] archives/2003/05/g/07.pdf

39) [PDF] Morality and Speed Cameras â€“  

40) [PDF] TRIZ: Through the Eyes of an American TRIZ Specialist

41) [PDF] Reangularity, Semangularity, and Ideality 

42) [PDF] Conference Minutes 

43) [PDF] Functional thinking in production process 

44) [PDF] archives/2003/06/d/04.pdf

45) [PDF] archives/2003/06/e/05.pdf


47) [PDF] SARS and 40 Principles For Eliminating Technical Contradictions: 

48) [PDF] How To Invent (Almost) Anything 

49) [PDF] 40 Principles â€“ Chemical Illustrations 

50) [PDF] archives/2003/07/b/02.pdf


52) [PDF] Utilising TRIZ methodologies to evolve and develop next generation 

53) [PDF] Jörg Stelzner, Carlos Palacios, Tobias Swaton 
TRIZ on Rapid Prototyping 
-a case study for technology foresight 

54) [PDF] “SHOW SIN” ( 

55) [PDF] Abstract 

56) [PDF] Thoughts on Fields 

57) [PDF] archives/2003/07/i/09.pdf

58) [PDF] SUPPORT â€“ Sustainable Innovation Tools  

59) [PDF] Eco-Innovative Examples for 40 TRIZ   

60) [PDF] About Dobrynya's feat (from a Russian folk tale)          

61) [PDF] The Integration Of TRIZ Problem Solving Techniques 

62) [PDF] Technical

63) [PDF] Matrix 2003

64) [PDF] Case Study  

65) [PDF] Proposal Of A Set Of Fundamental Principles For  

66) [PDF]   

67) [PDF] archives/2003/08/i/09.pdf

68) [PDF] archives/2003/09/a/01.pdf

69) [PDF] About Dobrynya's feat (from a Russian fairy tale)   

70) [PDF] Invention Quality Measurement (IQM)  

71) [PDF] Preview of a new English Translation of a TRIZ book by Vladimir Petrov 

72) [PDF] archives/2003/09/e/05.pdf

73) [PDF] Asymmetry 


75) [PDF] Unified Structured Inventive Thinking  -- an Overview

76) [PDF] International TRIZ Association 

77) [PDF] archives/2003/09/j/10.pdf

78) [PDF] The development of the cotton gin, 1796 to 1844 

79) [PDF] num

80) [PDF] archives/2003/10/c/03.pdf

81) [PDF] Micro-Stories, Daisies and Dandelions. 

82) [PDF]  Improve it by breaking it. Examples from 

83) [PDF] Book Review:  The 121 heuristics for problem solving. 

84) [PDF] The functional - resource approach   

85) [PDF] Food Foresight:  Analysis of the development patterns of the Food Industry 

86) [PDF] Evolution Of Systems  

87) [PDF] TRIZ and Machine Maintenance Case Study 

88) [PDF] Invention Quality Measurement (IQM) 1. Patent Valuation. 
The Methods That TRIZ Forgot” 

89) [PDF] A Response to "TRIZ on Rapid Prototyping - a case study for technology 

90) [PDF] Inventions on Computer Keyboard  

91) [PDF] Type1

92) [PDF] Application of S.I.T. Method in "REGBA" Kitchens Production Plant 

93) [PDF] archives/2003/11/d/04.pdf

94) [PDF]  Practical Case Study of Resolving the Physical Contradiction in TRIZ; 

95) [PDF] Thoughts on Critiques and Critics 

96) [PDF] TRIZ Challenge - November 2003 

97) [PDF] The Function Model For Existing Product Using 

98) [PDF] - Wednesday, September 10th, 2003 -

99) [PDF] Inventive Thinking through TRIZ 

100) [PDF] The European TRIZ Association Meeting, November 12-14, 2003, Aachen, 

101) [PDF]  
Applying TRIZ to Endodontic Tool Design 


103) [PDF] 40 Inventive Principles with Applications in Service Operations Management 

104) [PDF] Using TRIZ to Create Innovative Business Models and 

105) [PDF] Mastery of future generations of products & TRIZ 

106) [PDF] Mitosis of TRIZ 

107) [PDF] Empowering Six Sigma methodology via the 

108) [PDF] I-TRIZ for Six Sigma Business Process Management 

109) [PDF] archives/2003/12/j/10.pdf

110) [PDF] International TRIZ Association 

111) [PDF] Letter to the Editor from Brian Campbell 
TRIZ User Groups 


The TRIZ Journal Article Archive - 2004 [table of contents]


2) [PDF] Wind Energy Evolution And Expectations 

3) [PDF] This paper was first presented at the European TRIZ Association meeting, TRIZ Future 2003, 

4) [PDF] Solving Contradictions Problems Related To Safety 

5) [PDF] Transformation of structurally similar elements of technical system 

6) [PDF] Breakthrough Thinking 

7) [PDF] archives/2004/01/2004-06_Book Preview_Part_1.pdf

8) [PDF] archives/2004/01/2004-06_Book Preview_Part_2.pdf

9) [PDF] Supplement to  

10) [PDF] Two New Games That Teach Children and Their Parents ASIT  

11) [PDF] Information Newsletter of the International TRIZ Association 

12) [PDF] Mikhail Verbitsky, Ph.D., Sc.D. 

13) [PDF] Deaf People as Pioneers of Video Technology:  

14) [PDF] Integrating TRIZ and other methodologies in product/process 

15) [PDF] archives/2004/02/2004-02-04.pdf

16) [PDF] archives/2004/02/2004-02-05.pdf

17) [PDF] archives/2004/02/2004-02-06.pdf

18) [PDF] Pocket TRIZ

19) [PDF] International TRIZ Association 

20) [PDF] archives/2004/03/2004-03-01.pdf

21) [PDF] archives/2004/03/2004-03-02.pdf

22) [PDF] archives/2004/03/2004-03-03.pdf

23) [PDF] archives/2004/03/2004-03-04.pdf

24) [PDF] archives/2004/03/2004-03-05.pdf

25) [PDF] archives/2004/03/2004-03-06.pdf

26) [PDF] archives/2004/03/2004-03-07.pdf

27) [PDF] archives/2004/03/2004-03-08.pdf

28) [PDF] archives/2004/03/2004-03-09.pdf

29) [PDF] archives/2004/03/2004-03-10.pdf

30) [PDF] archives/2004/03/2004-03-11.pdf

31) [PDF] Comparing The Classical and New Contradiction Matrix 

32) [PDF] Serious changes in the educational system are waiting for us 

33) [PDF] School-factory will die. What’s on?  

34) [PDF]  


36) [PDF] Limiting Contradictions In A 

37) [PDF] ASIT Case Study:  The Bicycle I-Lock 

38) [PDF] Is TRIZ Useful For Generating Ecological Mitigation Solutions? 

39) [PDF]  
Industrial application of TRIZ delivers more breakthroughs to less cost - if the right 
tools are applied at the right time and place.  

40) [PDF] TRIZ diaries 

41) [PDF] Effective Innovation:  The Development of Winning 

42) [PDF] archives/2004/04/12.pdf

43) [PDF] archives/2004/04/13.pdf

44) [PDF] archives/2004/04/14.pdf

45) [PDF] First gathering of the SIT Innovation Community in the Netherlands 

46) [PDF] archives/2004/04/16.pdf

47) [PDF] First published in the proceedings of TRIZCON2004, the meeting of the Altshuller Institute, 
April 26-7, 2004, Seattle WA USA.

48) [PDF] First published in the proceedings of TRIZCON2004, the meeting of the Altshuller Institute, 
April 26-7, 2004, Seattle WA USA. 

49) [PDF] archives/2004/05/03.pdf

50) [PDF] How the Horse Leg and the Marine Sponge Can 

51) [PDF] Asymmetry becomes more and more usual 

52) [PDF] 'Matrix 2003'

53) [PDF] Book Review: Solving Problems with TRIZ (An exercise Handbook) 

54) [PDF] Achie ving International Competitiveness through establishment of 

55) [PDF] Triz Implementation:  The Views Of Real Users 

56) [PDF] archives/2004/06/02.pdf

57) [PDF] Letter to the Editor:  On professions and professional behaviours 

58) [PDF] evolution as the basic concept

59) [PDF] How Gecko Teaches Us to Segment All Things.   

60) [PDF] Integrating Ideality with the System Operator 

61) [PDF] Figure 1: Examples of a Value Stream and Process Map from Strategos, Inc. 

62) [PDF] Lean TRIZ 

63) [PDF] ASIT case study: Documentation problem at An Indian telecom company 

64) [PDF] TRIZ-Boeing 

65) [PDF] archives/2004/07/01.pdf

66) [PDF] A Typical Example of Innovative Design Based on the TRIZ 

67) [PDF] archives/2004/07/03.pdf

68) [PDF] Mapping the Innovation Space One: 

69) [PDF] Comparing The Classical and New Contradiction Matrix 

70) [PDF] innotool – Innovation Toolbox For SMEs 

71) [PDF] How To Develop Winning New Product Ideas 

72) [PDF] archives/2004/07/08a.pdf

73) [PDF] Altshuller Institute for TRIZ Studies, Inc. | 
100 Barber Avenue | Worcester | MA | 01606 USA voice: 508-799-6601 

74) [PDF]  
What is going on with TRIZ? 

75) [PDF] Call for Paper – Final Announcement 

76) [PDF] archives/2004/07/08e.pdf

77) [PDF] archives/2004/07/09.pdf

78) [PDF] Creative design of wafer transport mechanism

79) [PDF] Some Principles Are More Common Than Others 

80) [PDF] TRIZ and Software Fini 

81) [PDF] Causes = Effects?(1) 

82) [PDF] MEET â€“ OPEN PROBLEMS:  Two cases from practice 

83) [PDF] Abstract 

84) [PDF] The Analysis of 2002 Chinese Inventive Patent Based on TRIZ 

CONFLICT GRAPH: A Case Study on the Microsoft Corporation 

86) [PDF] archives/2004/08/08.pdf


88) [PDF] German TRIZ Resources 

89) [PDF]   Innovation Training

90) [PDF] Mapping the Innovation Space Two:  

91) [PDF] Nested Dolls and Trojan Horses Help to Innovate 

92) [PDF] Getting an Idea Seek Yet More. 

93) [PDF] Application of TRIZ in Software Development

94) [PDF] The Fuzzy Front End (FFE) isn’t so Fuzzy with TRIZ 

95) [PDF]   40 Inventive Principles and Biological  Models

96) [PDF] archives/2004/09/08.pdf

97) [PDF] archives/2004/09/09.pdf

98) [PDF] archives/2004/09/10.pdf

99) [PDF]  IFIP TC-5  

100) [PDF] archives/2004/09/12.pdf

101) [PDF] Abstract 

102) [PDF] Abstract 

103) [PDF] TRIZ for the small planet of Earth 

104) [PDF]  

105) [PDF] The NPD mini course          

106) [PDF]  

107) [PDF] The 40 Inventive Principles of TRIZ Applied to Finance 

108) [PDF] archives/2004/10/08.pdf

109) [PDF] archives/2004/10/09.pdf

110) [PDF] SIT Community in The Netherlands 

111) [PDF] Improvements in Motorcycle Safety (1) 

112) [PDF] 1.   The ideal prognosis 

113) [PDF] Creative Design of Three-speed Automatic Speed Changer 

114) [PDF] Creative design of the elliptical stepper with a pace-correction function

115) [PDF] Do you get it?  

116) [PDF] archives/2004/11/06.pdf

117) [PDF] TRIZ - the next Evolution in Problem Solving 

118) [PDF] International TRIZ Association

119) [PDF] Journal of Creatology & TRIZ 

120) [PDF]   Iranian TRIZ â€“Book Project

121) [PDF] About ETRIA’s TRIZ Future conference 2004 

122) [PDF] archives/2004/12/02.pdf

123) [PDF] “There is no abstract art. You must always *start with something*. 
Afterwards, you can remove all traces of reality”. 

124) [PDF] archives/2004/12/04.pdf

125) [PDF]  

                                 INVENTION PROBLEM

127) [PDF] Early notice:  next year TRIZ Futures Conference will be in Graz, 
Austria—plan now to attend. 

128) [PDF] archives/2004/12/08.pdf


The TRIZ Journal Article Archive - 2005 [table of contents]

1) [PDF] 1. Introduction 

2) [PDF] Sustainable Innovation as a Corporate Strategy 


4) [PDF] archives/2005/01/04.pdf

5) [PDF] TRIZ for Software

6) [PDF] This article is a modified version of a paper presented at the ETRIA TRIZ Future 
Conference held in Florence Italy on 3-5  November 2004. 

7) [PDF] TRIZ as a Lean Thinking Tool 

8) [PDF]   


10) [PDF] Innovative Boxing Gloves Using TRIZ 

11) [PDF] TRIZ -- the next Evolution in 

12) [PDF] TRIZ -- the next Evolution in 

13) [PDF] International TRIZ Association

14) [PDF] TOC and TRIZ: Using a dual-methodological approach to solve a forest 

15) [PDF] TRIZ Development Model in China   

16) [PDF] The Integration and Strategic Use of TRIZ with the CPS 

17) [PDF] 1. Introduction 

18) [PDF] archives/2005/03/05.pdf

19) [PDF]  

20) [PDF] Integrating TRIZ And Bionical Enginereeng 

21) [PDF] Principles of Survival (A Theory of Everyday Creativity)

22) [PDF] 40 Inventive Principles 

23) [PDF] Working with Innovative Principles of 

24) [PDF] archives/2005/04/03.pdf

25) [PDF] archives/2005/04/04.pdf

26) [PDF] International Day of Laughter 

27) [PDF] 1. Introduction 

28) [PDF] Software Process Improvement â€“TRIZ and Six Sigma 

29) [PDF] creativity 

30) [PDF] Announcement of New Journal:  

31) [PDF] archives/2005/04/10.pdf

32) [PDF] archives/2005/05/01.pdf

33) [PDF] Homes for Strong Families, Children, Seniors and 

34) [PDF]  

35) [PDF] archives/2005/05/04.pdf

36) [PDF] TRIZ for Software (T4S) Initiative 

37) [PDF] Systematic Innovation E-Zine

38) [PDF] the material world 

39) [PDF] Information Newsletter of the International TRIZ Association 

40) [PDF] archives/2005/05/09.pdf


42) [PDF] Case Studies In TRIZ: Flush’n’Go  

43) [PDF] Creative conceptual design ideas can be 

44) [PDF] The TRIZ Give Way to the Wind, and Give the Wind Away 

45) [PDF] Improving the Acoustics in a Historic Building Using Axiomatic Design and TRIZ

46) [PDF] 40 Inventive Principles with Examples for Chemical Engineering 

47) [PDF] Rapid Innovation with TRIZ

48) [PDF] K.  Appendix--Idealizing Functions

49) [PDF] Book Review: Joy of Inventing for Everyone 

50) [PDF] archives/2005/06/LetterToTheEditor.pdf

51) [PDF]  

52) [PDF] Review: Systematic Innovation Newsletter

53) [PDF] Transfer Ready Ideas from Outside to Home-building.  

54) [PDF] Solving Technical Contradictions in Construction with Examples 

55) [PDF] archives/2005/07/05.pdf

56) [PDF]  

57) [PDF] B.  Clarify the System Functions

58) [PDF] archives/2005/07/08.pdf

59) [PDF]  

60) [PDF] Joy of Inventing for Everyone

61) [PDF] TRIZ, Architecture & Engineering

62) [PDF] C.  Identify the Physical Phenomena

                                         USING ELEMENT-BY-ELEMENT TESTING. 

64) [PDF] existing

65) [PDF] Transfer to the microlevel as one of the main display evolution trends

66) [PDF] 4th European TRIZ Congress in Frankfurt 

67) [PDF] TRIZ FEST-2005 

68) [PDF] ALTSHULLER INSTITUTE for TRIZ Studies Newsletter 
TRIZ -- the next Evolution in Problem Solving 
JULY 2005

69) [PDF] Transactional TRIZ, Theory, Application, and Execution, 

70) [PDF] archives/2005/09/02.pdf

71) [PDF] Semyon D. Savransky a and Tz-Chin Wei b 

72) [PDF] Similarity between TRIZ Principles 

73) [PDF] TRIZ

74) [PDF] This paper was first published in Proceedings of the Eight World Conference on Integrated Design and 

75) [PDF]  

76) [PDF] Comparison of innovation methodologies and TRIZ 

77) [PDF] D.  Identify the System Objects

78) [PDF] real-world innovation that results in entity’s (business or non-business) success

79) [PDF] archives/2005/09/10.pdf

80) [PDF] The 


82) [PDF] Transactional TRIZ, Theory, Application, and Execution, 

83) [PDF] Directed Variation 

84) [PDF] E.  Simplify the System

85) [PDF] Design for Wow 2 – Music

86) [PDF]  
Application of Physical-Chemical Properties of Bentonite Utilized  
In Construction, as viewed  Through the TRIZ Prism. 
Abram Teplitskiy, PhD, Scientific Consultant, Dallas, Texas, USA 
Richard Gee, P.E., President, GEE Consultants, Dallas, Texas, USA 

87) [PDF] Creative Solutions from TRIZ for the Business Contradiction 

88) [PDF]           METHODOLOGY FOR THE EVALUATION                            

89) [PDF] T R I Z

90) [PDF] From:  

91) [PDF] archives/2005/10/10.pdf

92) [PDF] The Information Newsletter of the International TRIZ 

93) [PDF] archives/2005/10/12.pdf

94) [PDF] archives/2005/11/01.pdf

95) [PDF] Using Substance-Field Model to Make Concept Design   

96) [PDF] Application of Inversion Effect in Construction 

97) [PDF] archives/2005/11/04.pdf

98) [PDF] archives/2005/11/05a.pdf

99) [PDF] archives/2005/11/05b.pdf

100) [PDF] F.  What is the Main Problem?

101) [PDF] archives/2005/11/07.pdf

102) [PDF] Transactional TRIZ, Theory, Application, and Execution, Part 


104) [PDF] archives/2005/11/10.pdf

105) [PDF] Dynamization evolution of Dry Etch Tools in Semiconductor Device Fabrication 

106) [PDF] INsourcing Innovation

107) [PDF] Results Of A Multi-Company Scale  

108) [PDF] Application of Crawler Effect in Construction 

109) [PDF] Another vision of the 40 Inventive Principles with Applications in 

110) [PDF]               

111) [PDF] TOYOTrizzed: How the celebrated TOYOTA Production System is a 

112) [PDF] An Advanced Computer Algorithm 

113) [PDF] Introduction of TRIZ to the Process and Levels of Decision Making 

114) [PDF]  

115) [PDF] L.  Appendix--Table of Knobs 

116) [PDF] Report on the “Innovation Through Collaboration” Conference, held at 
the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, Oct. 25-26, 2005. 
by Abram Teplitskiy, Ph.D., Scientific Consultant and J. Michelle 
Edwards, Ph.D. , Futron Corporation 

117) [PDF] archives/2005/12/12.pdf

118) [PDF] archives/2005/12/13.pdf


The TRIZ Journal Article Archive - 2006 [table of contents]

1) [PDF] archives/2006/01.pdf

2) [PDF] Dr. Abram Teplitskiy

3) [PDF] archives/2006/01/02.pdf


5) [PDF] are but a derivative

6) [PDF] Su-Field: An Educational Example of  

7) [PDF] The Logistic Innovation Approach and  

8) [PDF] TRIZ and Software - 40 Principle Analogies, a sequel.

9) [PDF] TRIZ and avoiding responsibility and blame. 

10) [PDF] The Application of TRIZ to Technology Forecasting 

11) [PDF] archives/2006/01/10.pdf

12) [PDF] Theory of Inventive Problem Solving Applied To Business Process Management 

13) [PDF] G.  What Causes the Problem

14) [PDF] archives/2006/02.pdf

15) [PDF] archives/2006/02/01.pdf

16) [PDF] archives/2006/02/02.pdf

17) [PDF] Law of Completeness: 

18) [PDF] Creative Design of a Straightline Intermittent Reciprocator 

19) [PDF]  

20) [PDF] Centrality of ‘Steering Language’ to problem solving 

21) [PDF]  Full Scheme Thinking and Feature Transfer 

22) [PDF] Decision Making for TRIZ 

23) [PDF]                       STUDENT’S CORNER  # 2 - By ABRAM TEPLITSKIY, Ph.D. 

24) [PDF] JOURNAL OF TRIZ: Value to English-Speaking Readers 

25) [PDF] H.  Turn Object Knobs 

26) [PDF] archives/2006/02/12.pdf

27) [PDF] A letter to sceptics 
Personal thoughts of why using TRIZ is good and even necessary 

28) [PDF] archives/2006/02/14.pdf

29) [PDF] TRIZ Future Conference 2006

30) [PDF] "TRIZ Home Page in Japan

31) [PDF] archives/2006/03.pdf

32) [PDF] archives/2006/03/01.pdf

33) [PDF] archives/2006/03/02.pdf

34) [PDF]  

35) [PDF] Technology Forecasting of CCD and CMOS 

36) [PDF] I.  Resolve Resulting Contradictions

37) [PDF] Dr. Abram Teplitskiy – Students Corner #3. 


39) [PDF] Response To Freddy Pachys Letter To the Editor. 

40) [PDF] archives/2006/03/09.pdf

41) [PDF]   

42) [PDF] TRIZ Future Conference 2006

43) [PDF] archives/2006/04.pdf

44) [PDF] archives/2006/04/01.pdf

45) [PDF] archives/2006/04/02.pdf

46) [PDF] archives/2006/04/03.pdf

47) [PDF] Six Sigma Trends: Six Sigma in Financial Services 

48) [PDF] J.  Implement the Solution

49) [PDF]    

50) [PDF]  

51) [PDF] Reply to comments on the article “Su-Field: An Educational Example of Inventive 

52) [PDF] archives/2006/04/09.pdf

53) [PDF] intention of 
participation letter

54) [PDF] archives/2006/04/11.pdf

55) [PDF] archives/2006/05.pdf

56) [PDF] This article is a modified version of a paper presented at the University of Wessex conference on Design & 
Nature in 2004. We are publishing again here as a pre-cursor to the publication of a full version of a 
Biology Contradiction Matrix later this year. 

57) [PDF]    

58) [PDF] Abram Teplitskiy, PhD, Scientific Consultant 
Dallas, Texas, USA 
               How Solution Finds a Problem to Solve  

59) [PDF] archives/2006/05/04.pdf

60) [PDF] A. Measuring the existing status of the training process

61) [PDF] Altshuller’s Anniversary: 
The Position of the Copyright Owners 

62) [PDF] archives/2006/06.pdf

63) [PDF] This article is a modified version of a paper presented at TRIZCON2006 in Milwaukee. 

64) [PDF] archives/2006/06/02.pdf

65) [PDF] Why TRIZ and OTSM?  

66) [PDF]  

67) [PDF]    

68) [PDF] archives/2006/06/06.pdf

69) [PDF] Thoughtivity for Kids

70) [PDF]    

71) [PDF] Dear Colleagues! 

72) [PDF] archives/2006/07.pdf

73) [PDF] Thoughtivity for Kids

74) [PDF] Three-Dimensional Thinking and Job Problem 

75) [PDF] Innovative Design for Link-Type Optical Fiber Polisher 

76) [PDF] archives/2006/07/04.pdf

77) [PDF] Dr. Abram Teplitskiy 

78) [PDF] Six Sigma Trends:  

79) [PDF]  

80) [PDF] Editor’s note:   

                          TRIZ AND OTSM? WHAT ARE TRIZ AND OTSM?”  

82) [PDF] archives/2006/07/10.pdf

83) [PDF] archives/2006/07/11.pdf

84) [PDF] archives/2006/08.pdf


86) [PDF] Use of TRIZ to develop a novel auto-focus camera module 

87) [PDF] archives/2006/08/03.pdf


89) [PDF] Old rule: Be lean and mean.  

90) [PDF] Selecting TRIZ Tools by RDM 

91) [PDF] Framework for solving Global problems-A case 

92) [PDF]  

93) [PDF] Design for Wow 3 – Literature

94) [PDF] archives/2006/09.pdf

95) [PDF] archives/2006/09/01.pdf

96) [PDF] archives/2006/09/02.pdf

97) [PDF] archives/2006/09/03.pdf

98) [PDF] Patterns of Evolution:  

99) [PDF] Application of Axiomatic Design and TRIZ in Ecodesign 


101) [PDF] archives/2006/09/07.pdf

102) [PDF] “Ideality-Serendipity Paradigm” or “Intuition-Logic 

103) [PDF] Haiyan Ru:

104) [PDF] Dr. Abram Teplitskiy 
        A LOT OF   

105) [PDF] archives/2006/10.pdf

106) [PDF] Trends and patterns of evolution for product innovation 

107) [PDF]  

108) [PDF] True inventions require the determination 

How to Use the Template of Six Sigma-Brainstorming Pool for Facilitating and Enhancing 
Six Sigma Projects 

110) [PDF]  

111) [PDF] Ceremonial session-Government and University officials 
welcome the conference. 

112) [PDF] archives/2006/10/07.pdf

113) [PDF] archives/2006/10/08.pdf

114) [PDF] archives/2006/10/09.pdf

115) [PDF] TRIZCON2007

116) [PDF] archives/2006/10/11.pdf

117) [PDF] archives/2006/11.pdf

118) [PDF] A Comparison of Tools Based on the 40 Inventive 
Principles of TRIZ 

119) [PDF] VizTRIZ : A Visual Approach to the Contradiction 

120) [PDF] Evolution Trends in Nuclear Soil Logging Tools 
Abram Teplitskiy, PhD, Scientific Consultant 
Roustem Kourmaev, P.E., President 
           Advanced Technologies International, Inc. 
           Richardson, Texas, USA 

121) [PDF] Some thoughts about TRIZ feature transfer into other field of human life 

122) [PDF]  

123) [PDF] archives/2006/11/06.pdf

124) [PDF] The TRIZ Application in the Development of an 

125) [PDF] Report on the European TRIZ Association TRIZ Futures 2006 Conference 

126) [PDF]  

127) [PDF] archives/2006/12.pdf

128) [PDF] archives/2006/13.pdf


The TRIZ Journal Article Archive - 2007 [table of contents]

January 2007

1) Welcome to the January 2007 issue of The TRIZ Journal!

2) Holistic Value Framework – Creating Right Value Streams Using TRIZ and Other Concepts

3) Applying the Law of the Completeness of a Technological System to Formulate a Problem

4) 40 Inventive Principles in Customer Satisfaction Enhancement

5) Multi-level Problem Solving

6) A New Paradigm for Creative Problem Solving: Six-Box Scheme in USIT

7) Student Corner: Marvel of the Mobius Strip

8) Kraev's Korner: Resource Analysis - Lesson 4

9) Updated: The TRIZ Homepage in Japan

10) Letter to the Editor

February 2007

11) Welcome to the February 2007 issue of The TRIZ Journal!

12) Describing Design Patterns in Software Engineering

13) TRIZ and Extreme Programming

14) Where to Study TRIZ

15) Application of RCA+ to Solve Business Problems

16) Student Corner: Reuleaux Triangle

17) Kraev's Korner: System Ideality - Lesson 5

18) Letter to the Editor

March 2007

19) Welcome to the March 2007 issue of The TRIZ Journal!

20) Evaporating Contradictions - Physical and/or Technical

21) Creating Flow Using 5S and TRIZ

22) Applying TRIZ in Information Technology Outsourcing

23) Book Review: 'Making Robust Decisions'

24) Predicting the Future with TRIZ

25) Student Corner: The Gift of Serendipity

26) Kraev's Korner: Scientific Effects - Lesson 6

27) Call for Papers

April 2007

28) Welcome to the April 2007 issue of The TRIZ Journal!

29) Evaporating Contradictions - Coupled Contradictions

30) TRIZ Components Defined

31) Comparing Problem Solving in Nature and TRIZ

32) Problem Situation Specification

33) Student Corner: The Art of Invention in Art

34) Kraev's Korner: Inventive Principles - Lesson 7

35) Letter to the Editor

May 2007

36) Welcome to the May 2007 Issue of The TRIZ Journal!

37) Improving Lift/Pump Stations Using TRIZ

38) TRIZ in Industrial Technology Education

39) Taiwan TRIZ Association's Call for Papers

40) Student Corner: The Applications of Shape Memory Alloys

41) Kraev's Korner: Inventive Standards & S-Field Models - Lesson 8

June 2007

42) Welcome to the June 2007 Issue of The TRIZ Journal!

43) Case Study: Road Fleet Maintenance

44) A New Problem-Solving Algorithm

45) Predicting Innovations for the Years 2020-2060

46) Student Corner: The Optimistic Magic of Sorbents

47) Kraev's Korner: ARIZ - Lesson 9

July 2007

48) Welcome to the July 2007 Issue of The TRIZ Journal!

49) Differentiating Among the Five Levels of Solutions

50) Alternatives for Sequences of Migration in Services

51) Effectively Using the Contradiction Matrix

52) Student Corner: The Principle of Nesting

53) Kraev's Korner: System Evolution - Lesson 10

August 2007

54) Welcome to the August 2007 Issue of the TRIZ Journal!

55) Super Effects: The Synergistic Effects of TRIZ

56) Generalized Solutions for Su-Field Analysis

57) Protecting the Interior Surface of Sewage Pipelines

58) Kraev's Korner: Overcoming Mental Inertia - Lesson 11

59) Student Corner: Whiz Kids Create Award-Winning TRIZ Game

September 2007

60) Welcome to the September 2007 Issue of The TRIZ Journal!

61) Breakthrough Carbon Capture: Exploiting Trade-Offs

62) Using Directional Drilling in Underground Construction

63) TRIZ and That Last Drop of Toothpaste

64) Kraev's Korner: Problem Solving Process - Lesson 12

65) Student Corner: A Void's Value and Potential

October 2007

66) Welcome to the October 2007 Issue of The TRIZ Journal!

67) Body of Knowledge for Classical TRIZ

68) Using Trends of Evolution to Direct Wound Treatments

69) Integration of a Service Taxonomy

70) [PDF] archives/2007/10/04/

71) [PDF] archives/2007/10/04/

72) Student Corner: Classic Logic's Use For Inventors

73) Beyond TRIZ - The World of Systematic Innovation

November 2007

74) Welcome to the November 2007 Issue of The TRIZ Journal!

75) Reversing TRIZ for Business Continuity Planning

76) Using the Contradiction Matrix to Improve Airflow

77) Increasing Light Extraction Efficiency With TRIZ

78) Design Features for Next Generation Technology Products

79) TRIZ: Solving Problems in Outer and Inner Space

December 2007

80) Welcome to December 2007's TRIZ Journal!

81) Complete Technical System Generates Problem Definitions

82) The Problem With ARIZ And Other Innovation Processes

83) Use TRIZ for New Product Concept Development

84) Report on the 3rd Senior Conference on TRIZ Research

85) Student Corner: Dialectic and Fuzzy Logic


The TRIZ Journal Article Archive - 2008 [table of contents]

January 2008

1) Welcome to the January 2008 issue of The TRIZ Journal!

2) Physico-Mathematical Search of Resources

3) 40 Inventive Principles in Latin Phrases

4) Will We Stop Reading by 2050? Evaluating the Forecast

5) Supply Chain Improvement for a Forklift Distributor

6) Student Corner: Dialectic Logic

February 2008

7) Welcome to the February 2008 issue of The TRIZ Journal!

8) TRIZ Principles in Action - Improving Solar Cells

9) Unorthodox Use: TRIZ for Non-intended Product Use

10) Challenges in Lubricant Additives Technology

11) Key to Teaching TRIZ: Breaking Mindsets

12) Student Corner: Overcome Assumptions - Use Fuzzy Logic

March 2008

13) Welcome to the March 2008 Issue of The TRIZ Journal!

14) Product DNA and the Property-Function Matrix

15) Evaluating Product Innovation - Silicone Technology

16) Case Study: Pizza and the System Operator for Teaching

17) TRIZ in the World of Science - Where Does It Fit?

18) Perturbation Theory and Working Backward From Ideality

April 2008

19) Welcome to the April 2008 Issue of The TRIZ Journal!

20) The Revival of the Gallic Harvester

21) Instruments for Designing Consummate Systems

22) Improving Technology Forecasts: Four Cases of Selection

23) Dow Pairs Six Sigma With Innovation

24) An Overview of the General Theory of Innovation

May 2008

25) Welcome to the May 2008 Issue of The TRIZ Journal!

26) The Importance of Innovation Timing: The Fickle Consumer

27) Explore the Future of TRIZ With the Trends of Evolution

28) Case Study: Consummate System for Valve Travel Stop

29) Innovation Tools and Continuous Improvement Evaluations

30) TRIZ-enabled Mergers and Acquisitions

June 2008

31) Welcome to the June 2008 Issue of The TRIZ Journal!

32) Remote Team Problem Solving With TRIZ

33) Applying TRIZ to Air Traffic Control Display Design

34) Case Study: Use of TRIZ in Software Design

35) Managing Emotions: Applying the Substance-field Theory

36) Improving Travel Infrastructure in Mumbai

July 2008

37) Welcome to the July 2008 Issue of The TRIZ Journal!

38) Theories of Everything and TRIZ

39) Using TRIZ to Overcome Vision and Target Failures

40) Design of an Adaptive Liquid Vending Machine

41) Add Value by Connecting Tools and Techniques

42) Using TRIZ to Make Great Cappuccino Foam Without the Hassle

August 2008

43) Welcome to the August 2008 Issue of The TRIZ Journal!

44) Entropy and the Ideal Final Result

45) In Search of the Ideal TRIZ Teaching Method

46) TRIZ Permeates Patent Use - Albeit Unintentionally

47) The Complete Technical System and System Operator

48) Student Corner: Shape Memory Alloys, Part 2

September 2008

49) Welcome to the September 2008 Issue of The TRIZ Journal!

50) Integrated Conceptual Design With TRIZ

51) TRIZ Concepts in Limited Slip Differentials for SUVs/RVs

52) TRIZ and 40 Business Survival Imperatives

53) Student Corner: Practical Applications of Air Balloons

54) New Editorial Panel's TRIZ Journal Highlights

October 2008

55) Welcome to the October 2008 Issue of The TRIZ Journal!

56) Case Study: Use TRIZ to Solve Complex Business Problems

57) The Elegant Solution and TRIZ

58) TRIZ as a Catalyst for Project Management Excellence

59) Destroying Construction Materials With Technological Effects

60) Student Corner: The Earth to the Moon

November 2008

61) Welcome to the November 2008 Issue of The TRIZ Journal!

62) USIT in Japan: A Paradigm for Creative Problem Solving

63) Comments on "USIT in Japan" by Toru Nakagawa

64) USE and Search Engine Forecast

65) Case Study: Use ARIZ-85 to Isolate Target Proteins

66) Timeline of the Development of TRIZ and Genrich Altshuller

December 2008

67) Welcome to the December 2008 Issue of The TRIZ Journal!

68) Using TRIZ to Improve Pem-nut Production

69) Systematic Clustering of Business Problems

70) Strengthening the 40 Principles

71) Teaching TRIZ Does Not Equal Learning TRIZ

72) Student Corner: Inventive Potential of Ice


The TRIZ Journal Article Archive - 2009 [table of contents]

January 2009

1) Welcome to January 2009's Issue of The TRIZ Journal!

2) Updating TRIZ: 2006-2008 Patent Research Findings

3) TRIZ Used to Improve the Mars Bite-size Candy Pouch

4) TRIZ: Incorporating the BRIGHT Process in Design

February 2009

5) Welcome to the February 2009 Issue of The TRIZ Journal!

6) Logistic Substitution Model and Technological Forecasting

7) Substance-field Models for Fourth Class Standards

8) Smart Materials Solve Contradictions

March 2009

9) Welcome to the March 2009 Issue of The TRIZ Journal

10) TRIZ on Design-oriented Knowledge-based Systems

11) Pointers to Effects for Non-technical Problem Solving

12) Student Corner: Measuring Moisture Content of Soil

April 2009

13) Welcome to the April 2009 Issue of The TRIZ Journal!

14) Design Methodology for Hybrid Production Processes

15) TETRIS: Teaching Needs of Heterogeneous Curriculum

16) LAMDA and TRIZ: Knowledge Sharing Across the Enterprise

May 2009

17) Welcome to the May 2009 Issue of The TRIZ Journal!

18) TRIZ and Systematic Innovation, What Confucius Said?

19) Using TRIZ to Resolve Software Interface Problems

20) TRIZ in Thailand

June 2009

21) Welcome to the June 2009 Issue of The TRIZ Journal!

22) Advanced Electrical Discharge Machining and TRIZ

23) TRIZ-based Practice Book in Education

24) Using TRIZ Tools for Airport Runway Optimization

September 2009

25) Welcome to the September 2009 Issue of The TRIZ Journal!

26) Using TRIZ to Develop a New Stirling/Brayton Engine

27) Report on the 5th Senior Conference on TRIZ Researching

28) TRIZ-Fest 2009: Observations from Saint Petersburg

29) TRIZ-Fest 2009: Another Point of View

30) TRIZ-Fest 2009: MA-TRIZ Conference and Congress Report

October 2009

31) Welcome to the October 2009 Issue of The TRIZ Journal!

32) Applying TRIZ to Business Process Reengineering

33) Using TRIZ to Un-fuzzy the Fuzzy Front End

34) Producing TRIZ Solutions: Odds of Success

35) Decision-making Model to Evaluate Highly-valued Designs

November 2009

36) Welcome to the November 2009 Issue of The TRIZ Journal!

37) TRIZ/Systematic Innovation Enhances Hoshin Kanri

38) Super Stream Approach to TRIZ Planning, Aviation Safety

39) Enhancing TRIZ with Dr. Deming's Philosophy

December 2009

40) Welcome to the December 2009 Issue of The TRIZ Journal!

41) Two Patterns of Evolution for Technological Systems

42) The Use of ARIZ in Holi Bags


The TRIZ Journal Article Archive - 2010 [table of contents]

January 2010

1) Welcome to the January 2010 Issue of The TRIZ Journal

2) Inventive Principles of TRIZ with China's 36 Strategies

3) Tutorial: Filtering New Ideas with TRIZ in Automation

February 2010

4) Welcome to the February 2010 Issue of The TRIZ Journal!

5) 40 Principles of TRIZ and the Electric Power Grid

6) 40 Principles with Examples: Human Factors & Ergonomics

March 2010

7) Welcome to the March 2010 Issue of The TRIZ Journal!

8) First Israeli TRIZ Conference Report

9) TRIZ: Physical Contradictions with Skis

April 2010

10) Welcome to the April 2010 Issue of The TRIZ Journal

11) TRIZ and Fuel Saving Winglets

June 2010

12) Welcome to the June 2010 Issue of The TRIZ Journal

13) TRIZ & Ultrasonic-aided Electrical Discharge Machining

14) Demonstrating Contradictions in a GUI

July 2010

15) Welcome to the July 2010 Issue of The TRIZ Journal

16) A TRIZ-based Design Tool for Resolving Contradictions

October 2010

17) Welcome to the October 2010 Issue of The TRIZ Journal

18) A New Approach to Initial Situation Analysis

19) Patenting TRIZ?